Product profile

VS-6063 has a good safety profile and demonstrated initial signs of activity in a 46 patient, Phase 1 study, in advanced solid tumors. Verastem has issued patents covering the composition of matter of VS-6063 through 2029.

Clinical development in ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer is a rapidly progressing disease originating in the cells of the ovary. Ovarian cancer rapidly develops resistance to chemotherapy and there is no standard of care once resistance to platinum-based chemotherapy develops although treatment with the chemotherapeutic paclitaxel is often used. There are approximately 225,000 cases of ovarian cancer diagnosed each year worldwide. Initial signs of activity of VS-6063 were observed in Phase 1 testing.

Verastem is conducting a Phase 1/1b trial of VS-6063 in combination with weekly paclitaxel for patients with ovarian cancer. Interim data from the ongoing study was presented at the 2014 ASCO meeting. A copy of the poster presented can be downloaded here »

The use of VS-6063 in combination with paclitaxel paves the way for testing in additional solid tumors where treatment of paclitaxel is prescribed (e.g. breast and lung).