This Is Where
Potential Turns
Into Possible

Committed to Ensuring No Cancer Patient Runs Out of Options

RAS pathway-driven cancers are highly aggressive and often recur, so patients rarely experience optimal outcomes. We recognize that too many patients with RAS pathway mutations have been left behind with advances in cancer treatment, and we’re committed to pursuing paths that haven’t been fully explored to deliver better options – and ultimately, more hope for these patients.

RAS Pathway Mutations Are at the Forefront of Our Research

Almost 30% of all human cancers are driven by mutations in the RAS family of genes that includes KRAS, NRAS and HRAS. Patients with a RAS pathway mutation tend to experience worse outcomes and a more significant impact on their lives than those without RAS pathway mutations.

Expanding Possibilities for Patients

For many patients with difficult-to-treat cancers, the options have been few. Verastem Oncology aims to change that by relentlessly pursuing RAS-targeted treatment combinations with avutometinib. We’re driven to develop treatments that give patients more choices and the possibility of better outcomes.