Our Culture

We’re Not Satisfied With Potential. We’re Moving Toward Possible.

Seeing potential isn’t nearly enough. Instead, it’s a starting point. We need to move quickly from potential and proceed relentlessly toward making more and better treatment options possible—and to make hope possible.

Pursuing unexplored pathways demands that we’re purposeful in everything we do. And it’s an endeavor that’s only possible with an experienced team of employees and partners dedicated to a singular purpose: changing and improving the way cancer is treated by delivering novel therapies that address areas of high unmet need in RAS pathway-driven cancers. At Verastem Oncology, it takes our diversity of backgrounds, expertise, perspectives, and skills to find the answers that patients need, but don’t have—yet.

We Are Verastem Oncology


We are purposeful, acting deliberately to positively impact patients and others. This is our focus—because this is what’s most important.


We are unwavering, so nothing will stop us from accomplishing our goal of making sure no cancer patient runs out of options.


We are influential, presenting points in ways that are ethical, well-reasoned, and inspire others to collaborate with us in creating better solutions for unmet needs in cancer treatment.


We are insightful, finding connections that others haven’t explored and finding deep meaning in our search to forge the best path forward.


We are symbiotic, fostering beneficial and interdependent relationships to accelerate progress.

Get to Know Our Team

Meet Faye. Faye is Verastem Oncology’s Head of Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls. An experienced and versatile scientist and leader, Faye is working to bring our development programs to fruition, and she’s deeply committed to shaping the culture of Verastem and having an impact on future scientists.


Faye is a co-leader of our Women’s Leadership Forum and spends some of her time outside the office helping to build STEM programs for elementary students in her local community.


When asked why is she so passionate about our work, Faye says that as a chemist, there are a lot of different directions she could pursue in different fields and industries. Yet to her, nothing is more meaningful than applying her education, training, skills, and energy to helping ensure that cancer patients have the options they need to get better.