At Verastem Oncology, Inc. (NASDAQ: VSTM), we’re working to develop a portfolio of novel small-molecule drugs that inhibit critical RAS signaling pathways that promote cancer cell survival and tumor growth. We’re pushing beyond what’s known about cancer treatment and working to deliver novel treatment approaches that address areas of high unmet need in RAS pathway-driven cancers.


Our focus is on bringing new and better treatment options to patients who are battling these cancers—such as low-grade serous ovarian cancer and KRAS mutant non-small cell lung cancer. These types of cancer are extremely difficult to treat, and there are limited effective therapeutic options available. That means many patients run out of options and time. We’re committed to changing that.


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Investor Information

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Focused on Areas of High Unmet Need

With the vision of avutometinib as a backbone of therapy for treatment of RAS pathway-dependent tumors, we are developing indication-specific combinations with avutometinib, a unique RAF/MEK clamp, including combination with defactinib, a selective FAK inhibitor, to expand the options available to patients with these common and difficult-to-treat mutations.

Blocking the RAS Signaling Pathway

Based on a thorough understanding of the signaling pathways that cancer employs to maintain its growth and circumvent RAS pathway-targeting drugs, our customized combinations with avutometinib are designed to deliver deeper and more durable responses for cancer patients who have limited effective options.