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Leaving No Patient Behind: Precision Combination Therapy for RAS-Driven Cancers

By: Jonathan Pachter, CSO, Verastem Oncology

It is a remarkable time for biopharmaceutical research targeting oncogenic RAS mutations that, for decades, have been considered undruggable. A sophisticated collaborative effort across industry and academia is under way to meet the epic complexities of the RAS signaling pathway. This week...

Rising to the Challenges of 2021: Improving Cancer Patient Outcomes

By: Brian Stuglik, CEO, Verastem Oncology

Cancer patients with a new or recurrent diagnosis confront challenges that are profoundly difficult to navigate. In 2020, patients and their HCPs had the compounded stress of considering whether and how to progress treatment based on associated risk of contracting COVID-19...

Taking Stock of a ‘Breakthrough’

By: Brian Stuglik, CEO, Verastem Oncology

Over the past year, those of us working in pharmaceutical oncology R&D have watched with awe as industry colleagues worked together to speed vaccinations for COVID-19 from the lab to patients’ arms in record time. Breakthroughs in cancer research, typically don’t happen that quickly. In fact, chemotherapy...

Team Verastem Coming Together to Support the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition

Verastem Oncology is proud to support the National Ovarian Council’s Together in Teal campaign to raise awareness and resources for those living with ovarian cancer.